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The 5 Best Dollhouses for Kids in 2021


There is no comparison to the dollhouses we have in this sale item. They consist of five top products that you are going to love. They consist of houses made of wood or plastic where you can play with Barbie dolls or other brands in a fun way. The presentations are excellent.


What are Doll houses?

We want to talk about the toy house that we have available. Dollhouses are traditional toys that emulate the composition of a real house. It is a scale invention that opens in the form of a shelf where rooms are placed on the scale of a house (dressing room, living room, kitchen, dining room) and dolls are inserted inside it. They are set to fit house-sized dolls to deliver tons of fun.

Do you remember those days as a child when you spent hours in your room playing with your dolls in a huge box full of accessories and dresses? These toys still exist and you have them available once again, but this time for your daughter. They used to be good memories and the experiences you spent there playing with your toys, inviting your friends, it was incredible. The dollhouse that girls want to integrate into their bedrooms, we bring them for you.

There are many models with very varied measures. No house looks like the other and one does not share measurements with similar pieces. They are sensational objects that are characterized by their variety and diversity. You will see that they incorporate small details with great detail, for example, chairs, pictures on the walls, floor tiles, furniture, stairs, beds, everything. With a very subtle and particular taste, they are built to recreate life at home in a play implement for young children.

Let us discuss at length each of the aspects that concern a toy of these magnitudes. Is amazing. We include these houses in the catalogue in different sizes and varied formats so that each of them adapts to your demands. There is variety in terms of brands and types of dolls, you can find all of them in our catalogue. Take a look at everything we have to offer you.

Information of interest about a dollhouse

The stories of wooden toy houses are very interesting. Dollhouses were not originally created for children, they were actually 1:16 scale representations of European room models. They were silver to be set objects for artists. Small dolls were designed for which imported cloth dresses were prepared and placed in scale rooms (which later became the doll’s house).

Interest in these houses quickly proliferated and they began to be integrated into the sales tools for daycare centres. The girls of the early twentieth century in Europe and North America had in their rooms a large house made of wood with simple furniture based on original replicas of objects from reality.

As a result of the success that this invention brought about, it was taken to different contexts with varied formats. The results led to better quality inventions that lasted longer and were healthier. Plastic pieces were made from props that would not break down over time, prevent allergies, and last. That is when the promotions that we enjoy today in stores arrive.

We know then that, from the antecedent of the art of the XIX century, especially in the French bourgeois circles, the success of the dollhouses arises.

How does the doll housework?

Its operation is really simple. It consists of a large box that folds. They are designed to open through hinges in the middle and divide the piece in two. It is not literally a scale house, otherwise, it would be impossible to manoeuvre it. They have been thought of as a kind of box with a compartment number, where each one recreates a room.

For the most modern models of large dollhouses, small pieces of furniture have been incorporated on very small scales that, in most cases, are fixed and cannot be removed, this with the idea that babies and little girls cannot. put the toys in their mouths.

To save it also has a simple operation. You keep it as if it were a case. You close the box and adjust it with the clasps that usually have on the surface. In most cases, it incorporates a handle on the top to carry comfortably and safely, as if it were a bag.

Depending on the size, their functions also change. You will know that there are very large wooden houses that cannot be moved. Its operation is of fixed behaviour as if it were another piece of furniture in your daughter’s room. On the contrary, you will find much smaller dollhouses, to place on a table or a desk. We emphasize that the functions of this implement are only one: working as a toy for girls. Acquire the best dollhouse.

Characteristics of dollhouse designs

The general layout you will find for the exterior design consists of a dissection of a house with open rooms. They usually incorporate a minimum of 4 to 6 rooms furnished with bright colours and considerable space. They are designed to be manipulated by girls, so the measurements of each box are adapted to the size of a girl’s hand.

With regard to the setting of scenarios, there are two types: the first is child-friendly spaces, with bright colours, cartoon drawings and incorporation of toys that cannot be ingested by children; the second is for girls older than 3 or 4 years where more complex scenarios are incorporated, we see living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and all incorporate an appearance of a house like a regular property.

The exterior construction is intended as a scale house. They are usually presented with gabled roofs in pink or blue colours, they have open windows, doors, etc. In short, the exact presentation of a house in the real world on the scales of a toy.

The design features for a dollhouse are very complex despite the simplicity of its presentation. They are usually blunt objects built with materials resistant to movements and blows. Their designs are adjustable to the decoration of a little girl’s room and the accessories that they incorporate into the implement are of the best quality and design.

Tips for using a dollhouse

They are toys that require special care. You must be cautious when purchasing an item in this category because it can consume a prominent space in your daughter’s bedroom or, if she is not the recommended age, it could have severe consequences. Follow the tips below when shopping for this item:

  • Before acquiring it, see the available space you have. Usually, people with large rooms buy one to place in the centre of the room. However, for small houses, buy a table house.
  • Under no circumstances do we recommend buying such a house for girls under 3 years of age. They have very small parts that you can put in your mouth and be really dangerous.
  • There are two types of materials, both wood and plastic. Parents prefer plastic implements because they are safer, they do not acquire bacteria over time, they do not cause any type of allergies. Some models are worked with oak wood or finished, which is also recommended.
  • Check the prices before buying them, you might be surprised by some costs, especially with large volume toys.
  • The more accessories you bring the better. Doll promotions usually do not bring additional supplies, so a complete and assorted dollhouse is really an attraction.
  • Keep in mind that the dollhouses do not bring dolls, they must be purchased separately.

The suggestions we make are based on an idea of ​​safety with respect to the ages of the children. Don’t buy a dollhouse if your girl is still very young. Follow the instructions that we have given so that you can enjoy the Barbie dollhouse that you like so much.

How to choose the ideal dollhouse?

Do you want to buy dollhouse miniatures and don’t know what option to take? You will see in our catalogue that no house looks like another, so we will give you some suggestions on the best model you can buy. The options that exist are based on composition materials and the distribution of space in the house:

  • Wooden houses: the most traditional models of houses are made of wood. Even for the largest houses, when you think about resistance and security, it is better to buy it with this material. A curious fact is that wooden houses are usually made by individual producers and artisans.
  • Plastic houses: when the safety, the health of your baby is discussed, it is better to take the most ideal. The smallest houses, as well as those promoted by the world’s most famous doll brands, are always made of plastic.
  • Small houses: If you don’t have a lot of space, but your daughter wants a house, then buy a model that fits in a box that she can carry with her and can open on a small table.
  • Houses with accessories: the more accessories, chairs, tables, furniture, the house incorporates, the more attractive it is to buyers.
  • Prices: we warn that the costs in many cases are high, so you must be attentive to each object you consult.

Keep in mind that almost all houses respect more or less the same proposal in terms of presentation. What varies substantially is the way it is built, be it for the material or the dimensions. Each of the characteristics is special in each house that you find.

How to take care of a dollhouse?

There are not many attentions that an article of this category requires. You need to have them in a wide space in the case of large teams. When you have a huge dollhouse (those that are the size of a child) a house of several square meters is essential. If you have a bedroom with space available for one, better for you. It is essential, in the same way, that for wooden articles they do not move from the place where they have been placed.

For those houses that are small built of plastic, it is recommended that they are in comfortable spaces to handle them and, once the recreational day is over, close and store them. They are conditioned so that they can be moved, as well as keep them in a cabinet or take them with you, in either case, keep them well, otherwise, you may lose some pieces.

Don’t let them get wet. Wooden houses will lose their original shape as water is absorbed, in parallel, plastic models can get a bad smell. Be careful where you put them.

Order is essential. As they have been integrated with too many accessories, that a piece could be lost is imminent, that is why it is recommended not to remove any furniture to scale from its compartment.

Follow these tips to get the most out of these toys without taking any risks.

Basic characteristics of dollhouses

There is an infinity of models with particular characteristics that make them different from each other. We will expose important characteristics for the composition of these toys. As we have mentioned throughout this review, all houses are alike, but their measurements and materials vary depending on the developer. We will point out some ideas in this regard:

  • Product dimensions: for small models, 27 x 25 x 30 cm; for large models, approximately 80 x 35 x 100 cm.
  • Product weight: about 6kg to 16kg
  • Recommended ages: between 4 and 10 years
  • Average of scales: 1:16 in most cases
  • Materials: plastic, MDF, metal and wood
  • Colours: varied between shades of blue, white, pink, yellow
  • Number of pieces: variable in 10 and 30 implements
  • Special accessories: interior lighting, the inclusion of batteries, hinges to close the object
  • Educational value: arithmetic, care, order, alphabet and basic cultural knowledge

Advantages and disadvantages of the dollhouse

After such an extensive examination of an article like this, you can give yourself a more or less extended idea of ​​what their competencies and relevance are. We point out the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Advantages: they are a toy that is very old and guarantees many hours of fun. Depending on the ages and the models, they can also have a pedagogical sense. They integrate many aspects that interact with all the toys that a girl can have in her room, such as allowing a place where she can play with the dolls. Stimulate the imagination and recreate the mind. Their presentations are very nice and they decorate the girls’ bedrooms very well with a sweet and childlike appearance.
  • Disadvantages: the big problem with these objects, in general, are their dimensions. They are usually huge, which does not help much to find a place at home. Another consequence is that large houses are made of wood and this material can have long-term consequences. If the child is allergic it can affect his health, if he is not treated with care (such as hitting him frequently) he can break or splinters. The solution has been found in small plastic houses, but, in parallel, the size must be sacrificed, which is not a solution either.

Some people testify that they are not particularly bothered by the size of the houses since they do not necessarily have to be placed in a room or a bedroom, they can be anywhere. As long as it comes to pleasing the tastes of girls, whatever it takes is done. Buying a dollhouse online is available on this website.

Qualities you should know about a dollhouse

Unfortunately, girls are playing less and less with dolls and stuffed animals. Day after day digital games begins to reign in the world of children’s technology. It is true that there are still huge toy stores full of fantastic toys, but it is also true that fewer people buy these for their children.

We will persist in buying stimulating toys for children. The pedagogical, psychological and recreational value of toys is fundamental. Dollhouses have tried for many years to keep alive that flame that makes girls happy when they play with a doll and use it to revive their games.

The dollhouses that we integrate into this sale have it all. They are large, have many accessories and are designed for multiple contexts. Some even bring their own toys. Try to decorate a girl’s room with the toys that she likes the most. All these implements from the toy world can be part of your shopping cart.

Let’s see all the objects that we have incorporated for buyers. These five sales pieces are sensational. Each house that we promote has a special characteristic that makes them unique. For flashy rooms and hours of fun, the best dollhouses are here.


1. KidKraft 65907 Review

About the product

We bring you a house of the leading brand in this matter. It’s on the list of cheap dollhouses. It is a pink house with an assortment of accessories and many rooms. It is a huge box that you can place on a table in the house and wherever you want. It consists of a toy that incorporates five spacious rooms. Open on one side of all four sides. It is ideal for big girls over 5 years old.

KidKraft 65907


About product size

The size is 62.2 x 33 x 71.1 cm. It is not one of the largest houses, it is actually an average size. That’s perfect for placing on a desk, table, or the floor if you like. Its use in any type of room is not exhaustive; take it where you see fit. As it is an invention for girls 5 years and older, then it is possible to adapt a lot in such proportions.

Why should I choose this article over similar ones?

We consider them good dollhouse prices. Although it is not the lowest in the market, it is ideal taking into account everything that it incorporates. Not according to that, it is a complex item with great details in an all-plastic presentation. It allows dolls of different brands to be integrated comfortably.

About product maintenance

We point out that they should be cleaned every so often to remove dust. Since they cannot be closed because it does not have external components , that is why it can get dirty. Avoid getting them wet. Also, do not move it once you have put it in place, parts and accessories may be lost during movement.


  • Acceptable sale price
  • Incorporates many accessories
  • Includes both wood and plastic materials


  • Cannot be closed when disused
  • Not functional for 3- and 4-year-olds



2. Playmobil Review

About the manufacturer

The Playmobil brand has been involved in the manufacture of toys on a larger scale. His field of competence has focused on toys such as dollhouses and construction supplies. Its appearance is very similar to the Lego brand, such as construction items and implements of interesting designs. They have cheap dollhouses and much more.

Playmobil Large Campground Adventure Set    Playmobil Large Campground Adventure Set

Key Feature:

  • Enjoy a fun, family vacation at the Large Campground! Check-in at the gate when you arrive, where you will receive your adventure map for the grounds
  • Easily set up your tent, that accommodates the family’s sleeping bags
  • The reception area has fresh food that you can enjoy on the outside tables under the umbrella, or grab a cold treat from the cooler
  • Set includes three figures, a tent, sleeping bags, table, chairs, cooler, desk, recycling bin, toys, and many other accessories
  • Recommended for ages four years and up

About the product

A compact option to enjoy anywhere. They are presented as a dollhouse in the form of a briefcase. It is a small house with the incorporation of many interesting accessories for the game. This is a complete piece sized for two players. It is made for ages 4-7. The materials that compose them are basically plastic and exclusive construction implements of the metal house. These are cheap dollhouses.

About product design

The great attraction of this brand is concentrated in the design. Given the problem of large houses, a toy of more discreet dimensions was brought, for small rooms or children who want to take their toys with them. They are shaped like a briefcase, carry a handle and weigh nothing. Its presentation on the outside is of a suburban house.



3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Level Dollhouse

About the manufacturer

They will offer you an assortment of products for children’s recreation. They not only focus on games and fun but also on education, relaxation and comfort. Among slates, beds, wooden houses and others, are the implements that are offered for these products. Buyers have a predilection for brands like these because they are concerned with such integral aspects of children’s growth. Let’s go buy a wooden dollhouse!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Level Dollhouse


About the product

This is their speciality. The wooden house they bring is one of the most attractive and welcoming models they have. It is a model presented in white, with small open windows and a nice interior. Its interior design looks like a cartoon. It is painted in pastel colours, very cosy scale custom made pieces. These cheap dollhouse models are one of the favourites by online users.

Key features:

  • SPACIOUS WOODEN DOLLHOUSE: The Melissa & Doug Modern Wooden Multi-Level Dollhouse is a spacious, sturdy and versatile wooden three-level, a five-room dollhouse with 19 pieces of wooden doll furniture.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Our wooden dollhouse includes detailed illustrated instructions that make assembly fast and easy. It features two movable staircases for different looks and five working exterior doors.
  • ELEGANT HAND-PAINTED FURNITURE: This little people dollhouse features 19 individually hand-painted solid wood doll furniture pieces that include working doors and drawers. The dollhouse measures 28” H x 15.25” W x 24.5” L when assembled.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR AGES 3 TO 7: The Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse makes an ideal gift for kids ages 3 to 7. Add the Melissa & Wooden Doll Family for another hands-on play option.
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News calls “the gold standard in early childhood play.”
  • 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: We design every toy to the highest quality standards, and to nurture minds and hearts. If your child is not inspired, give us a call and we’ll make it right. Our phone number is on every product!




4. Hape International Barrutoys E3401 Review

About the manufacturer

This is the place to buy cheap dollhouses. They are a widely recognized company in Spain for the manufacture of toys with wood. They are specifically specialized in the construction of articles for young children and children under 3 years of age. They offer rolling toys, toy cash registers, and much more. The prices they have are among the lowest in the market, in addition to being highly competent, functional and incorporating a quality like no other.

All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse by Hape | Award Winning 3 Story Dolls House Toy with Furniture, Accessories, Movable Stairs and Reversible Season Theme

About the product

These are cheap wooden dollhouses. They are a special instrument, they do not look like other houses that we have available. They are aimed at a much younger audience. They are educational recreational houses. It is made up of 6 rooms. They bring their own toys. It is open, so its content is easy to manipulate. Simple operation to control and convenient to use. Its construction is ecological and highly resistant to ageing.

Why should I choose this product over similar ones?

The idea of ​​a house to play is that it is possible to interact with other games beyond the digital ones. In this sense, we have a toy that is much easier to use than other instruments. The versatility of these constructions is greater than other competitors. It is open, it brings many accessories, even its own small dolls.

Pedagogical values ​​of the toy

Stimulate children’s imagination. You will see that it incorporates many geometric figures, special games, accessories with unique shapes. Not according to that, the idea of ​​a child playing with a house guarantees the possibility that they can create their own universes from their imagination.


  • The price is acceptable
  • Has plenty of open space so it’s easy to control
  • It has been approached with a pedagogical sense
  • Artisan presentation


  • No part can be peeled off



5. KidKraft 65907 Review

About the manufacturer

KidKraft is one of the favourite companies in the production of large-scale toys. If what you are looking for is a dollhouse, outdoor toys or toy kitchens, there is no better brand and unique options than those that offer them. They have a long market history with a good level of receptivity. Diversity is their north and all the implements they promote are unique.

About the product

One of the favourite items of this promotion. It is a wooden dollhouse-like no other. It is fantastic because it has very large measurements. It reaches more than 100 cm tall. Little girls love this house because they have all the space that seems best for them to incorporate their Barbies in different plants with sizes according to their dolls. It has 8 well-furnished rooms with a beautiful and striking presentation.

About product size

No house that you can take away integrates dimensions as large as these. It is just perfect from this aspect. It was intended for large rooms with enough space to accommodate an item with larger proportions. Few options are like it.

Why should I choose this product over similar ones?

In addition to the enormous size that comes with it, it is followed by other benefits such as light in a lamp with integrated batteries, cosy designs for each of the rooms, resistant wood construction and a fixed physiognomy so that it is not necessary to move the house. It is a complete and comfortable invention. The Barbie house that your baby wants can be given with this piece.


  • Available for girls 3 years and older
  • It has enormous dimensions
  • Its construction is strong and resistant
  • Includes a lamp
  • The body of the house is open


  • The sale price is considerably high



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